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Home Volume 11 Number 2
Volume 11 Number 2 January 2003
  • Internal Migration Measurement
    Uthaithip Rakchanyaban
    icon [Abstract] (74.67 kB) icon [Fulltext] (277.72 kB)
  • A Test of Gary Becker's Economics of Population and Human Resources Theory: Are the Quantity and Quality of Children Substitutable? - A Case Study of Thailand
    Boonkong Hunchangsith
    icon [Abstract] (81.15 kB)
  • Changes in the Epidemiological Transition in Thailand due to HIV/AIDS: Implications for Population and Health Policies
    Patchara Rumakom
    Pramote Prasartkul
    Philip Guest
    Varachai Thongthai
    Sureeporn Punpuing
    icon [Abstract] (64.33 kB) icon [Fulltext] (154.35 kB)
  • Survival Differentials among the Thai Elderly, 1964-1996
    Patama Vapattanawong
    Pramote Prasartkul
    Varachai Thongthai
    Philip Guest
    icon [Abstract] (78.86 kB)
  • Transition from School to Work: Experience of Thai and Hong Kong Youth
    Jittinee Juntarodjana
    Chai Podhisita
    icon [Abstract] (60.99 kB)
  • Migration and Land Size Change: A Case Study in Nang Rong, Buriram, Thailand
    Wannarat Rattanawarang
    icon [Abstract] (58.88 kB)
  • Population Growth under Different Fertility Schedule in Stability Conditions
    Soni Srivastava
    Alok Kumar
    K.N.S. Yadava
    icon [Abstract] (74.32 kB)

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