Thursday 23rd of March 2017

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents Volume 22 Number 1


The Giving Behavior of Households in Thailand

Manasigan Kanchanachitra

The Culture of Taxation: Definition and Conceptual Approaches for Tax Administration

Pakarang Chuenjit

Marginalization, Morbidity and Mortality: A Case Study of Myanmar Migrants in Ranong Province, Thailand


Nucharee Srivirojana, Sureeporn Punpuing, Courtland Robinson, Rosalia Sciortino, and Patama Vapattanawong

Traversing the Laws: The Unregulated Movement of Filipino Migrants in Thailand

Mary Rose Geraldine A. Sarausad and Kritaya Archavanitkul

Rural-Urban Migration and Sexual Initiation of Never-Married Young Adults from Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Dusita Phuengsamran, Aphichat Chamratrithirong, Philip Guest and Mark VanLandingham

In-Migration and Return Migration to Cities in Northern Ontario, Canada: Benefits by City Size in the Context of Today’s Knowledge Economy

Sean B. O’Hagan

Effects of Pregnant Mothers’ Work on First-Year Infant Deaths in a Thai Prospective Cohort

Tiwarat Tor.jarern, Yothin Sawangdee, Rossarin Gray, Aroonsri Mongkolchati and Guang Guo

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